What is sofra ?

Sofra is the arabic word for Dining Table. It is a place where family, friends and trusted people meet, enjoy their meal and talk.
The idea of Sofra is to make the integration of the LGBTI refugees easier – in a friendly, loving and caring way.

By Using the facilities and space of Anyway, we are planning to have regular (monthly/weekly) meetings where we prepare and cook a dinner for about 20 people. Also, we can listen to music, watch movies or have lectures or presentations

In summer, we could organize barbecues in a park. A guest book will be available to write down the experience and suggestions for what to cook next time.
LGBTI refugees can meet new people outside of the refugee circle which will accelerate the integration process.

It is also an opportunity to improve their language skills and their knowledge of the habits and culture of Germany.
Sofra is open not only for refugees but for all people who are interested to meet and support the event with money to cook for the next event or otherwise, and share the dinner with us.

Ibrahim Mokdad ( founder of Sofra Cologne )

topic about sofra project in the following book: https://www.degruyter.com/view/product/480558

Supported by Rainbow Refugees Cologne Support Group + Anyway