What is SOFRA Care?

SOFRA Care is an empowerment space for LGBTIQ* B-POC Refugees and Imigrants

From perspective of taking care about our mental, physical and emotional health, SOFRA Cologne presents for you a sequence of activities,

In these workshops, we will learn how to take care about ourselves, develop our self-confidence for a better life quality and a have chance to discover new hobbies or interests.

Starting from mental and emotional health through yoga and meditation, until it comes to self-defense strategies. In addition for learning new methods for stress relief through baking, cooking or playing music







Workshop Title


Workshop Title


Workshop Title

Sahar Muhsin Laufman is a Masters degree scholar on subjects of Social Change and Divinity. She teaches from an intergenerational commitment to liberation and inclusivity. Her courses integrate somatic healing movement practices and system‘s theory focus on countering oppression

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Address 3212 River Rd, Frankfort, MI, 49635

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Stress management

(Workshop for LGBTIQ*, B-POC with migration history and / or racism experience)

Stress is something we all experience, and It is a normal reaction which It happens to us in some situations we find it at times of threat and uncertainty, or when we have taken on too much, for example going for a job interview , family issues or developing our identity.

In this workshop, we are going to learn a variety of mindfulness practice, like mediation, Yoga and Qi Gong to improve flexibility, balance, endurance and physical strength as well helping to keep the mind sharp and clear, relieving stress and anxiety.

This workshop led by Sahar Muhsin Laufman, is a Master’s Degree scholar on subjects of Social Change and Divinity she focus in her workshops on equity, diversity and inclusion.

Workshop is free, travel cost are paid with NRW (DB 2 class), at 7 pm a multicultural buffet.


 (Workshop for LGBTIQ*, B-POC with Migration background / or racism experiences)


Every one of us have a story, and our life experiences made and form whom we are. All time we meet new people, and it is always interesting to know what similarities we share and what make us unique.

In this workshop, we will learn how to tell and form our story while being comfortable and confident, how to create a structure for our lifetime events, we will share our stories, and what bring us together.

 We will discover each other through our stories and give a chance for other people to know who we are, for that anonymously and after personal approval; we will publish the result of the workshop, (your personal stories) on the website of SOFRA Cologne so all the world know how strong we are to be here.

This workshop led by Ibrahim Mokdad, a gay refugee activist, who had a story that now many people know, he will share us his experience through different method how to present our story.

This workshop will be in English Arabic and German, so please fell comfortable to tell your story in your own language.

Workshop is free, travel cost are paid with NRW (DB 2 class), at 7 pm a multicultural buffet.

Stress management

(Workshop für LGBTIQ*, B-POC mit Migrationsgeschichte und / oder Rassismuserfahrung)

Stress ist etwas, das wir alle erleben, und es ist eine normale Reaktion, die uns in einigen Situationen passiert, in denen wir ihn in Zeiten von Bedrohung und Unsicherheit finden, oder wenn wir zu viel übernommen haben, z.B. bei einem Vorstellungsgespräch, Familienproblemen oder der Entwicklung unserer Identität.

In diesem Workshop werden wir eine Vielzahl von Achtsamkeitspraktiken wie Mediation, Yoga und Qi Gong lernen, um Flexibilität, Gleichgewicht, Ausdauer und körperliche Stärke zu verbessern und den Geist scharf und klar zu halten, Stress und Angst abzubauen.

Dieser Workshop unter der Leitung von Sahar Muhsin Laufman ist eine Masterstudentin zu den Themen Sozialer Wandel und Göttlichkeit, den sie in ihren Workshops auf Gerechtigkeit, Vielfalt und Inklusion konzentriert.

Der Workshop ist kostenlos, die Reisekosten werden mit NRW (DB 2-Klasse) übernommen, um 19 Uhr ein multikulturelles Buffet.