SOFRA Cologne

SOFRA Cologne is a place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, inter-sexual and queer Refugees, Immigrant (B-POC) and supporters.

SOFRA is the Arabic word for the eating table. SOFRA Cologne, created was for the necessity to ensure a safe place to connect meet and seek support at the same time offering a space for LGBTIQ* B-POC refugees and immigrants to create their own support structure and transfer knowledge. Therefore a monthly meeting take place every first Saturday in the month, with a 6 hours program activities organized and managed by LGBTIQ* B-POC refugees and immigrants themselves.

SOFRA Cologne offer

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Exchange and Networking

A well-established network is an important component of visibility. Establishing a network strengthen the relationship with other people, friends and Supporters, SOFRA Cologne supports this process through intercultural Management and common activities that get people to know each other.

Political Works

SOFRA Cologne create a team of LGBTIQ* B-POC with immigration or refugee background, to develop their own structure so they are able to reflect their needs on a political level, to ask for their rights and fight against racism and discrimination and most important to work with others on a same eye level.

Empowerment space (SOFRA Care)

During the event  a separate empowerment space ( SOFRA CARE) was created to offer workshops to learn a variety of mindfulness practice, like meditation, Yoga, to improve Flexibility, balance and physical strength, as well helping to keep the mind sharp and clear, relieving stress and anxiety.

Advice and Support

A consultation room is available for LGBTIQ* B-POC refugees and immigrants who have questions or need help in various aspects. This is where helpers from various advisory services provide advice on topics such as asylum procedures, experience of violence, racism and discrimination, and HIV prevention.


SOFRA Cologne is supported by Rainbow Refugees Cologne – Support Group e.V and funded within the framework of “KOMM-AN NRW” by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKFFI NRW).

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